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Welcome to LPDS for guidance on Intellectual Property matters. LPDS offers a comprehensive service assisting inventors and technology based companies with protecting their inventions and capitalising on their IP. Based in Oxford, UK our services include guiding clients through each step of IP registration process, from drafting to issuance and company set up services. We assist inventors understand intellectual property and enable them to capitalise on it afterwards. Details of services are listed below, feel free to contact us on the contact info at the bottom of this page or click below to book a consultation.

Our Services

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Invention Review Consultation

An invention review helps establish what the technology is and the degree of potential value it could have. When that is reviewed a number of options to proceed are available depending on market potential and cost. It is recommended that an IDF (Invention disclosure form) is filled out in advance, however this is optional.

Prior Art Search

A prior art search is an in depth professional search for technologies that can challenge the novelty or uniqueness of the invention. This is important to know in advance if a patent application will be granted or not and if so to what degree of novelty it can cover. This helps inventors to know how they should proceed and will help decide the best strategy.

Drafting and File of Provisional Patent Applications

A provisional application enables an inventor to secure a priority date for their technology ownership. A provisional application however allows the inventor 12 months after the priority filing to refine their invention before filing the final non-provisional (utility) application. Filing a provisional patent application is optional.

Utility (non-provisional) Patent Applications

A utility also known as a non-provisional application is the final application draft that fully details the invention with figures and claims. Utility patents are usually filed in individual countries however patents can be filed to cover a region such as the EU or international patent PCT. Different rules and fees apply depending on the patent type.

PCT Patent Applications

A PCT application is an international patent application which stands for Patent Cooperation Treaty, it covers most the countries in the world with a number of exceptions. An inventor can apply for a PCT and have 18 months to decide which countries they want to file in.

PTO Examination and Office Actions

When a patent application is filed, it is pending approval until it is examined and passed by the PTO’s examiner. Often applications are rejected by the PTO do to the application conflicting with prior art. Sometimes it can take multiple office actions before an application is granted.

Patent Issuance and Delivery

After an application has passed the examination stage the patent will be granted with the claims agreed by the examiner. A patent number will be produces and after some months certifying invention ownership. A patent certificate will be issued and sent to the applicant.

Company Setup and Raising Funds

There are a number of routes to take after obtaining a patent, from seeking investment to producing the product and acquiring customers. At LPDS we offer a number of consulting options to assists inventors navigate through the post patent stages and launch their product.

Why Apply for a US Patent?

See why people often register patents in the US
A US patent is one of the strongest and highly regarded patents in the world, the US is also one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world and is a leader in science and innovation. Unlike an EU patent application which comes with 5 European countries then additional payments for extra countries or state registrations, a US application covers the whole of the 50 states of the US in a single language meaning there is no translation costs required, plus the USPTO does not request patent maintenance fees until the patent is issued making US patents more cost effective and covers a large and diverse economy.

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We also offer company set up services relating to your intellectual property, these include website creation, branding and prototyping through partnered consultants. We assist the process of company registration, pitching and raising investment and help preparing the product for market.

Your Consultant – Thieab Aldossary

Thieab is a founding member and consultant in the Lawrence Technology Development Consultants group. Using his technical knowledge and patent expertise, Mr. Aldossary provides counseling on a wide range of matters including patentability, portfolio management, patent prosecution and project development strategies for inventors and startups. Having worked as a Technical Advisor for a United States law firm and a portfolio manager in a research institute as well as being an inventor himself, he understands both sides of the issues and concerns when applying for a patent and taking it forwards.

Mr. Aldossary has consulted for domestic and foreign companies, sole inventors, and start-up businesses in a wide array of technologies ranging from consumer products, electronics, software, energy and renewables. His focus on patent preparation and filing dates back to when he was searching how to patent his own technology in 2010. He obtained the opportunity to work with a law firm and filed his patent during his masters studies. After graduating from his degree in the US he was able to secure a position in that same law firm and learned the trade in a professional environment, since then Mr. Aldossary has gone on to launch his own tech start up while continuing to consult inventors on strategies on how to protect and commercialise their own technologies.