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Welcome to LPDS for guidance on Intellectual Property matters. We are experts in Intellectual Property (IP) exploitation and innovation development for science and technology solutions. LPDS offers a comprehensive service assisting inventors, technology and IP centric organisations with a range of services that include managing the exploitation of the different forms of IP, portfolio management systems, securing income and investment, customer interaction, license negotiation and more... Details of services are listed below, feel free to contact us on the contact info at the bottom of this page or click below to book a consultation.

Our Services

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Invention Review

Supporting the assessment of ideas from concept to commercialisation – Reviewing the market potential and risks, evaluate the appropriate IP protection measures and potential routes for project commercialisation.

IP Filing Strategy

Assessing the best types of protection for a particular project, what type of IP best to utilise, locations for filing and calculating the costs associated with them. This will depend on the scope and can influence commercialisation.

Commercialisation Business Plan

Identify opportunities for spin-out companies, write exploitation and business plans, and assist in identifying and obtaining appropriate financing to deliver the strategies and objectives.

Raising Investment

Assist securing investment (proof of concept, seed funding, grant funding, venture capital), and supporting the exploitation of IP through licensing, spin-out, joint venture activity and partnerships.

IP Management System

Assisting setting up and configuring IP management systems with such platforms as Wellspring’s Sophia for tracking filings, office actions, maintenance, contracts, royalty payments and more.

Working with Research Organisations

Working Research Centres, Professional Service departments Faculties together to maximise research impact and the development and management of internal and external relationships.

UK Company Setup Assistance

Helping international businesses register and setup in their companies in the UK. Service can cover government schemes, recruitment and administration, with offices addresses in London or Oxford.

Education Classes and Workshops

Deliver IP protection and commercialisation training for the Universities, businesses, and government organisations. Work with the teams to deliver professional programmes.

IP & Innovation Education

Educate your team with the Inventor Academy Programme
As well as our consulting services we offer a range of programmes through our education platform 'The Inventor Academy'. There are a selection of products that range from fundamentals of IP and Innovation to advanced principles. We offer online courses, live educational workshops for 16 to 18 year olds, University students and researchers and training for business professionals. For more information please use the link below.
The Inventor Academy

It's not only about IP

We offer company set up services relating to your intellectual property, these include website creation, branding and prototyping through partnered consultants. We assist the process of company registration, pitching and raising investment and help preparing the product for market.

Your Consultant – Thieab Aldossary

Thieab is a founding member and consultant in the Lawrence Technology Development Consultants group. Using his technical knowledge and patent expertise, Mr. Aldossary provides counselling on a wide range of matters including patentability, portfolio management, patent prosecution and project development strategies for inventors and startups. Having worked as a Technical Advisor for a United States law firm and a portfolio manager in a number research institutes as well as being an inventor himself, he understands both sides of the issues and concerns when building a technology based business.

Mr. Aldossary has consulted for domestic and foreign companies, sole inventors, and start-up businesses in a wide array of technologies ranging from consumer products, electronics, software, energy and renewables. His focus on patent preparation and filing dates back to when he was searching how to patent his own technology in 2010. He obtained the opportunity to work with a law firm and filed his patent during his masters studies. After graduating from his degree in the US he was able to secure a position in that same law firm and learned the trade in a professional environment, since then Mr. Aldossary has gone on to launch his own tech start up while continuing to consult inventors on strategies on how to protect and commercialise their own technologies.